Pittsburgh, “Steel City”, has been a part of one of the country’s most amazing histories in modern day American history. Once a steel magnate, Pittsburgh suffered the closing of its steel mills. Tough & resilient, today it has found its footing with the help of technology, education and healthcare. Forbes List named Pittsburgh on the top in its list of Comeback Cities. Since the year 2000, Pittsburgh has topped the most livable city list six times and when you compare median income and the cost of living, Pittsburgh ranks at #1 in affordability among US cites. A strong economy, a strong sense of community and upward mobility places make Pittsburgh one of the best cities to live in the U.S.

An article on Greatist.com ranks Pittsburgh as one of the best cities for 20-somethings. Factors like affordable rent and a good job market, social life with bars and nightlife, create a great place that young people want to live in. The USA Today honed in on East Liberty when selecting “10 Up & Coming Neighborhoods” across the county.

Literacy & Education are top Pittsburgh priorities making it one of the smartest cities in the States. Pittsburgh is found in the upper echelon of U.S. cities thanks to an abundant number of bookstores, educational institutes, abundant universities, libraries, education level museums and high public school rankings. Pittsburgh was also named the 3rd safest city in the States.
The living experience of Pittsburgh is World Class. The view of Pittsburgh made it to the list of America’s most stunning views and ranks as one of the best skylines in the world. Bon Appetit magazine chose Pittsburgh as the nation’s next food town, and the young people who crave culture, music, art and good food have named Pittsburgh as the most exciting place in Pennsylvania. With the quality and abundance of parks, sport/recreation facilities, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates and the current Stanley Cup winners Pittsburgh Penguins, the “Steel City” living is extremely exciting. The Travel Channel has also included Pittsburgh on their list of All-American Vacation locations.